When the markets turn hot, we stay cool.

Professional investment advice with modern portfolio strategies and personal support.

A stable portfolio in stormy times

Professional investment advice with modern portfolio strategies and personal support.

Innovative investment strategies in line with the trends of the future

Professional investment advice with modern portfolio strategies and personal support.

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Smart wealth management at the highest level

The financial markets are constantly evolving and changing. Especially in recent years, the volatility of the financial markets has increased dramatically. It therefore seems impossible for borrowers to manage their own assets in the complex structures of the financial markets. Professional management helps to maintain an overview and invest the money profitably.

Thanks to our independence, you can be sure that you will always receive objective support. For us, goal-oriented and independent financial advice means an intensive dialogue between investor and asset creator as the basis for a successful investment and long-term cooperation.

Especially in uncertain, turbulent times with a volatile stock market, a broad diversification of different asset classes is the best basis for a stable performance of your assets. That’s why we focus on asset growth and wealth preservation in order to significantly reduce potential losses in the event of stock market downturns.

The final investment strategy is developed according to your personal risk requirements, your life situation and your goals. We manage your asset portfolio actively, intelligently and personally.

Daniel Charles Bossenz

Managing Director of Smarter Finance 24 GmbH



Our Investment Philosophy


Maximum risk diversification through global multi-asset allocation from illiquid investments, such as real estate and real assets, to liquid investments such as funds, ETFs, precious metals or bonds.



You will receive personal online access via modern software solutions. Regular reports and direct access to your securities accounts give you maximum control and full transparency.


SustainabilityCriteria are playing an increasingly important role for us in our analysis. They complement the cornerstones of our investment consisting of sound analysis and consistent risk management.

Low cost

We pay attention to low service and management costs through the addition of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and strategic partnerships with alternative investment products. In this way, their financial capital is preserved.


We always design our portfolios with a hedging strategy. This serves primarily as a precaution against crises and extreme market fluctuations. If our experts give the green light, we will partially or completely dissolve the security strategy.


You will receive personal and independent financial advice as well as regular adaptation and long-term support of your asset concept. If you have any questions, our experts are always at your side.

Holistic asset management

Low interest rates and rising inflation are the new normal. Tried-and-tested forms of savings are hardly worthwhile anymore, capital markets are volatile and real estate remains expensive. Traditional investment approaches of banks, savings banks and asset managers often result in subjective management strategies with increased costs. In addition, there is a product landscape that is confusing for laymen. The environment for personal wealth accumulation is more challenging than ever.

Your personal values and goals determine the common thread through your life. Your investment must also fit in with this: with a good investment and an investment strategy that you can understand. To do this, place your assets in good and trustworthy hands who manage them prudently and responsibly. We stand for professional and independent financial advice.

Investment Advice

We offer professional investment and wealth advice and are always at your side. You retain full control over your assets and determine the direction. We have extensive know-how and keep track of everything even in turbulent market phases.


In wealth planning, in addition to your securities portfolio or your real estate holdings, you look at the status quo of your entire assets and shed light on different solution scenarios for achieving your wealth and life goals. Our expert analysis will help you move forward.

Asset protection

Through our hedging strategies and hedging concepts, we protect your assets from short- and medium-term market fluctuations, government access or unforeseeable risks.

Tax reduction

We support private individuals, entrepreneurs and companies in investing their assets in the most tax-optimized and access-secure way possible. Together with our tax experts, we design tax-optimized asset concepts.

Bank-independent, highly secure custody of precious metals

The only thing that is certain today is uncertainty! We live in a time when investors hardly receive any interest on their savings at the bank, when government bonds have lost security and yields, when inflation eats up all monetary values and insidiously destroys them. This is a time when life and pension insurance policies that were believed to be secure are no longer generating their promised returns, the guaranteed interest rate is approaching zero and, for many investment products and investments, the risks far outweigh the rewards.

As an independent wealth creator , we work with secure, tax-optimized investment solutions. In this context, we cooperate with a special commodity depot in Switzerland and mainly store our clients’ gold and silver investments here.

Gold has always been stable in value and will remain so in the future. People have always been willing to pay a high price for the shiny precious metal. In contrast to today’s unbacked fiat currencies, gold and other precious metals are still excellently suited as tangible assets for real wealth preservation.


Our promise:

  • Safe and convenient direct purchase of your physical precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, as well as diamonds)
  • Segregated and bank-independent individual custody of your precious metals at international locations
  • VAT-free purchase of silver, platinum and palladium when stored in Switzerland

We combine the best of different asset classes for you

All investments have their advantages and disadvantages or carry certain risks. However, different assets react differently to the circumstances. We can’t look into the future either, but based on data from the past, we know what can still work in a worst-case scenario.

Investment advice at the highest level

With our multi-asset strategies, we combine different assets to achieve maximum security with an above-average return on investment. A balanced mix of stocks, bonds, precious metals, real estate, real assets, alternative investments, and cash is a formula that will help you achieve your goals in good times and limit loss in bad times.

In the end, a dialogue between the investor and the investment expert decides in order to design an investment portfolio that fits your ideas, values and goals.

An excerpt from our sample depots

Dynamically sustainable portfolio

Broad diversification in environmentally-friendly, sustainable and social investmentonds / ETFs. In consultation with our customers, ecological, social and ethical criteria can be precisely defined.

  • 70% Sustainable Funds / ETFs
  • 10% Real Estate
  • 5% Real Assets
  • 15% admixture


Stable crisis portfolio

In this portfolio, we rely on gold, silver, and palladium to survive stormy times unscathed. Admixture of short ETFs, ETFs of gold miners can be mixed in depending on the situation on the markets.

  • 15% Physical Precious Metals
  • 15% Real Estate
  • 10% Other tangible assets
  • 60% admixture of conservative funds / ETFs


Innovative portfolio for the future

This portfolio is suitable for long-term investors and focuses on technology and megatrends. With the help of special funds / ETFs, we invest primarily in robotics, big data and artificial intelligence.

  • 25% Innovative Funds / ETFs
  • 10% Global Equity Funds
  • 5% shareholdings
  • 60% admixture of alternative investments


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Independent financial advice

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Sustainable, if you wish.

Various investment opportunities

General questions about Smarter Finance

We work independently to ensure that you always receive objective advice. Our investment recommendations, as your wealth creator, are based exclusively on the performance of your capital. For example, you have the option of adapting your securities account to changing life circumstances at any time in a cost-neutral manner.

We are happy to support you with intelligent investment management to increase your returns and at the same time minimize your risk.

What does Smarter Finance stand for?

The name of Smarter Finance stands for the combination of a digital, modern approach with an intelligent forward-looking investment strategy.

What investment amount do I need to bring with me as a client?

The minimum investment amount should be around 100,000 euros so that we can achieve maximum diversification of your portfolio. The capital does not have to be made available immediately. As a rule, we work with a savings phase of 8 to 16 months, depending on the market situation. This means that your entire capital is not fully invested until the savings phase has been completed.

How can I track the performance of my portfolio?

Every customer receives personal access to their securities accounts via our investment portals (often including a mobile app). This allows you to track the performance and composition of your portfolio at any time and from anywhere in the world – conveniently via computer, tablet or smartphone. In addition, you will receive comprehensive, written reporting on the respective reporting period once a quarter. Tax certificates are automatically issued by the respective provider.

Why don't we offer a selection of individual stocks?

We look ahead to exciting times. The world is changing and the short- to medium-term outlook is difficult to assess. This is precisely why we recommend maximum diversification of investments. We mainly recommend equity funds or ETFs with a broad diversification that individual stocks cannot offer.

Do I have direct access and influence over my investments?

As part of our professional investment advice, we always strive to be in dialogue with our clients. Your desired financial goals and wishes as well as your flexibility are at the forefront of our minds. You always have full control over all products. The depots are in your name and you can also carry out all the action yourself if you wish. As consultants, we are always at your side and have visual access to all supervising custody accounts to ensure holistic support.

How do I put together my system?

The investment universe depends on the type of product you choose. In unit-linked asset management, we invest your capital mainly in ETFs and actively managed funds. For further diversification, precious metal deposits, real estate investments or alternative investment products can be used, if you want them as an admixture.

How can I adjust my investment amount?

You have full control over your deposits. Increases in the investment amount, as well as reductions up to the minimum investment amount, are possible at any time. It is recommended to have a short conversation with one of our advisors before any adjustment of the investment amounts. However, you also have the option of reducing, suspending or increasing savings plans solely via the respective online portal.

State-of-the-art solutions for our customers

Digital Wealth Management

Our software solutions allow you to manage all your assets in one place. Dashboards and charts give you a clear representation of your assets.

Personal and independent financial advice from our experts is always just a click away – whether by phone, video call or in person.


Mobile solutions for full control

Whether it’s prices or news about real estate, ETFs, precious metals and stock markets. With our apps, you will have a central overview of everything in the future – not only within your own four walls, but even on the go at any time.


The security of your data is important to us. Data-sensitive areas, such as the dashboard, are additionally protected against unauthorized access by means of a fingerprint or PIN code for your security.

Digital advice everywhere!

You can take advantage of our digital consulting services from all over Germany, e.g. Berlin, Leipzig, Munich, Cologne or Stuttgart. We also advise international clients, institutions or expats in Germany.

It doesn’t cost anything to ask! So ask us for a free initial consultation . Convince yourself of our reviews and make up your own mind.

We think differently. We advise differently.

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